Update to Park Rules & Regulations

Hi peeps

We have made some changes to the park rules, the website has been updated but the main pointers are

  • We are no longer able to provide full faced helmets for loan due to H&S and hygiene reasons.  Unfortunately we will be turning people away who arrive without a full faced lid.
  • Overnight camping will now be charged at a rate of £8/night per person both inside and outside of race events.
  • No persons under the age of 18 will be allowed entry to the park (to ride or spectate) without their parent of guardian present to sign the disclaimer (and inspect the park to confirm it is suitable / within their ability to ride)
  • All none riders / spectators use the park at their own risk and their entry shall be at the discretion of the park management.
  • Strictly no walking / pushing back up tracks, all park users must use designate push up route

FJmtb Team