So, after two years neglect I am finally getting around to sorting the Farmer Johns website out into something more useful.  To help make the site look sharp I need your help!  Specifically I am looking for some decent over view shots of FJ’s and decent video / helmet cam footage of races / tracks so that folk can get a feel for what we are about. my site ip .  Also if anyone has experience with graphic design for websites that would be great; I can handle the web design part but could do with someone who can knock up a detailed park layout map!

Have a look at the below and if anyone has any of the items listed please drop me an email:

eddy (at)

Obviously I will credit all contributors accordingly!!  I have loads of pics of the dirt jumps but need help for the other stuff, this is your chance to help John out and also get your work published / noticed.  Youtube / pinkbike / vimeo links welcome


1)  Photos of the main DH track / night race track / rooty death track / Champrey tribute track

2)  Decent quality helmet cam videos of each of the above that give a good overview of the tracks

3)  Decent quality edits from recent race weekend

4)  Good overview photos of the race weekend festivities,

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